Canadian-owned genetics company, DNALabs is now providing genetic testing solutions direct to consumers from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Founded on the belief that good health belongs to everyone, DNALabs uses DNA to determine critical and unique information to improve people’s wellbeing, from how someone will interact with medicine to what nutritional and wellness needs they should be aware of and specific recommendations they can act on. With a simple cheek swab from an at-home DNA collection kit, DNALabs helps people make informed choices, whether they are a consumer taking an empowered approach to their own health, or a healthcare provider that wants to curate the best solution for their clients.

“At DNALabs we are passionate about providing everyone an equal opportunity to learn more about themselves and their DNA,”said Moni Lustig, President & Chief Executive Officer. “With our team of leading scientists and lab technicians, DNALabs considers itself to be the leader among DNA testing organizations in Canada in protecting the privacy of individuals’ DNA tests from any use that has not been authorized, or has not been agreed to by the patient.”

DNALabs was founded in Toronto, Canada in November 2016 by a cohort of individuals consisting of scientists, entrepreneurs and experienced professionals who began by producing genetic testing solutions to healthcare organizations including renowned hospitals such as the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). Using expert-led innovation, testing is carried out in a state-of-the-art clinical molecular genetics laboratory.

In October 2021, DNALabs opened its first office in the United States (U.S.) located at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University® in Boca Raton, Florida. In this location, DNALabs collaborates with the faculty at Florida Atlantic University on research projects and is taking part in the university’s Global Ventures program, which helps international startups grow their business in the U.S.

Available in Canada and the U.S., DNALabs offers three products available for purchase:

  • MatchmyMeds is a Drug Compatibility Test that looks at your DNA to determine whether certain, commonly prescribed drugs will work, and at what dose. This information enables doctors to make the best prescribing choices for you, thereby minimizing the likelihood of unwanted side effects and maximizing the odds of a successful outcome
  • LovemyHeath empowers individuals to improve their health and wellbeing by personalizing actionable nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations tailored to their unique genetic makeup.
  • LovemyHealthPRO covers the content in the standard LoveMyHealth test PLUS adds an additional 41 genetic markers selected based on their reported associations with various clinical outcomes related to diet, detoxification, heart health, hormonal health, mental wellness, obesity risk, physical fitness, and specific nutrient needs.

All tests come with a DNA collection kit delivered to the preferred location of individuals. The kit comes with a cheek swab, vial, instructions, a consent form, and a pre-paid return envelope. The swab is mailed back to DNALabs where it is analyzed to provide reports back to the patients and/or their healthcare provider.

Clinical Research Studies

DNALabs is dedicated to the future of science’s re-invention with a passion for developing useful, safe and easy-to-understand at-home genetic testing products. In support of this, DNALabs has been collaborating with various groups in many important studies focused on pharmacogenetics, the study of how a patient’s genetic makeup influences their response to medications.

Pediatric Pharmacogenetics

DNALabs is currently working with SickKids to assess the clinical utility of pharmacogenetics for various therapeutic categories such cardiovascular, gastroenterology, and oncology. On May 26, 2021, the first study of this clinical research was successfully published. This assessment provided an exciting breakthrough for DNALabs. In the point-of-care cohort, 40% of children with current or planned exposure to a pharmacogenomic (“PGx”) targeted drug were found to have a genotype warranting a change in treatment. In a pre-emptive cohort, it was also discovered that 80% of patients could benefit from the existence of PGx test results for future treatment decisions.

Pharmacogenetics for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”)

DNALabs is currently working with Veterans Affairs Canada’s Operational Stress Injury (“OSI”) Clinics to enhance personalized psychiatric care for treatment-seeking Canadian Armed Forces Veterans.

Advanced Orthomolecular Research

In March 2019, DNALabs also established a white label test in partnership with Advanced Orthomolecular Research (“AOR”), one of Canada’s most trusted and innovative nutraceutical companies. Through the partnership, DNALabs launched MyBlueprintTM, a DNA-based nutrition and lifestyle test that uses innovative technology to identify unique genetic variations. The information in the test is based on 84 genetic markers within 65 genes, and provides recommendations on 41 clinical endpoints within 8 key health categories.

The MyBlueprintTM DNA test looks at genetic variations related to diet, sensitivities, specific nutrient requirements, physical fitness, mental wellness, detox, obesity risk, and hormonal health. This test differentiates itself from other DNA tests on the market as it’s primarily designed for the retailer as opposed to similar tests which can typically only be understood by trained physicians.


DNALabs is a Canadian-owned genetics company that is committed to providing genetic testing solutions to help everyone learn more about themselves. Our DNA holds critical and unique information about us, including how we interact with medicine. With a simple cheek swab, healthcare practitioners can now personalize treatment options that are best suited for each of us. DNALabs provides easy-to-use genetic tests that are us. To learn more:

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