Boca Raton, FL — Greener Process Systems Inc, a South Florida based eco-engineering, cleantech company that is revolutionizing air pollution capture technology, filed a series of patents today that demonstrate their focus will expand to general industrial applications as well as further developments in CO2 capture, storage and re-utilization.

The company’s technology SETH™ (Ship Emission Treatment in Harbor) with focus on maritime applications, is designed to create a hermetic seal between the ship smoke stacks and their filtration systems. Such a connection helps maintain the exhaust temperature throughout the filtration process not only to guarantee high efficiency in the abatement process but also to provide reusable energy through heat recovery.

The company claims that their adopted filtration system utilizes a dry process that does not require any solvents or water and is highly efficient up to 95% on average removal of pollutants such as fine particulate matter, including sub-micron nuclei mode, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxide (SOx) air toxins, heavy metals, diesel particulate and VOCs.

Both the high efficiency of filtration and the reusable energy source from the heat recovery in their current systems are fundamental for future development of CO2 capturing, storing & reutilization technologies. The high efficiency of filtration of pollutants enables absorbing beds to capture CO2, without the process being contaminated (eg., SOx & NOx, particulate matter). The re-usable energy recovered from the heat of the exhaust can be used to optimize the CO2 storing process.

The company has also become a participant in Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, which is considered Florida’s foremost university research park and whose mission is to promote scientific research and development.

Greener Process Systems is collaborating with universities like FAU in research projects and expanding their scope to industrial applications such as, glass furnaces, steel mills, etc. and by doing so is affirming a stronger position in the emission capture industry.

Greener Process Systems is currently engaging in a SEC Regulation CF fundraise through StartEngine, which can be found here:


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Greener Process Systems, Inc.

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